Stay, Stay! Sky Pood Chelsea uses the option to extend the contract.

25 Apr

Olivier Giroud pioneered the handsome Chelsea Blues to help the agency next season. Because the latest news "Sing the Blues" option to extend the contract for another year.Chelsea, the giant of the English Premier League club, has used the option to renew the contract with the French striker Olivier Giroud. Out until the summer of 2021, according to reports from Sky Sports Italy's leading sports media in Italy. On Friday 24 April the past Giroud is preparing to become a free agent football after this season. And almost moved to Italy in January this past Amid the news that referred to the interest of Inter Milan and Lazio, but with Chelsea unable to find an agent. Causing the person to stay at Stamford Bridge Most recently, Sky Sports Italia states that "Lion Blues" has used the option to extend the contract for Giroud for another year, which is completed. Spearhead the 33-year-old French national team to help Chelsea until the end of the 2020/21 season.Shirou, who had moved from Arsenal in January 2018, has played for Chelsea in 76 matches, scoring 21 goals.

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